Don’t Own a Vitamix Blender? Discover Why Vitamix Blender is Worth Owning

vitamix blender

The Vitamix blender is one impressive blender. Having been around for well over five years, this model is one of the strongest, most powerful, and best blenders on the market, bar none.

Quality comes with a price though, and that price is anywhere from $300-$600. But if you search online you can usually find them at a reasonable discount.

While it is generally used for smoothies, milkshakes, and mixed drinks, the amazing thermally protected 2 hp plus motor can do just about anything you could possibly want use a blender for and then some.

Vitamix Blender Reviews

Vitamix Turboblend 4500 Countertop Blender

In general, the Vitamix blender comes with 64 ounce polycarbonate container with a locking lid and an unsurpassed five year warranty. The blade assembly enclosed in the ball bearings are sealed to help make this one of the most powerful, and long-lasting, blenders on the market today.

Vitamix professional blender

This beast weighs at a massive 14 pounds, comes with its own plunger, and even has a recipe book to help get you started!

In addition, it has two speed settings, an output of power over 1300 Watts, and though I chose to go with black, it also comes in a variety of other colors.

The only complaint that I have, is the complaint that most anyone has about any blender. And that is that it’s a bit loud. Then again, you’re using a blender… if it’s not loud, it’s probably broken.

I was so impressed with the Vita-mix turbo blender 4500 that I immediately started contacting my friends in the food industry to see if I could get my hands on any other Vitamix blender model to see if they held up as well as the one I got to play with.

Lo and behold, a friend of mine at my second favorite restaurant said that he used the Vita-mix 1363 CIA professional and that I was welcome to come down and check it out.

Upon my arrival I was greeted and brought into the back where he showed me his Vita-mix sitting on one of the counters. Knowing that he was a meticulous bookkeeper, I asked if he still had all the paperwork that came with it so I could read up on the warranty and other things.

While he gathered the things that he was going to blend up for me to show how well it worked, I went through the instruction manual and the rest of the box (he keeps everything).

I was impressed to find that this particular model while still having a 64 ounce jar in the 2+ horsepower motor also comes with a seven year warranty, an instructional DVD, an owners manual, and two recipe books to make sure that you get the most out of your new blender.

There are over 300 easy to make recipes made by some of the countries top chefs at the culinary Institute. As a first example of what this blender could do, I watches as he filled it completely to the top with ice, added some orange juice, pear juice, and a few slices of banana, before hitting the blend button. In a very impressive matter of moments, this blender made quick work of the entire cup of ice without a single problem!

Vitamix professional blender

This is obviously something I’ve seen before, having worked with a lot of blenders, but never have I seen one chop ice as quickly and completelt as this. There were no funny smells, no straining sounds, no smoke, no explosions, and most importantly nice uniform ice chips. It was one of the best slushies I’ve ever had in my life! I immediately went home, and wrote up this review for my viewers.

After having these experiences, reading hundreds of customer reviews, and having multiple people request more information, I am happy to not only say that I enjoyed using the Vitamix blender, but that I would recommend it to anyone serious about purchasing a blender.

It’s rare that I recommend blender, due to the simple fact that it puts my name, my reputation, and my personal view on the line.

That being said, I still recommend the Vitamix blender brand. If you can afford one, find one on sale and are needing a new blender, or run a business that needs one, I urge you to at the very least find out if you can try one and see if the Vitamix blender is a good fit for you

Where to Buy a Vitamix Blender.

If you search online, you will find many stores selling many types of Vitamix Blender. My favorite is because it carries a wide selection of this blender at deep discounts. The popular Vitamix Turbo Blend 4500, for instance, is available in that store at 25% discount.

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