What’s The Next Big Food Trend?

best food trends

This past year certainly has been full of different and unusual food trends. From cupcakes to sriracha and pretzel buns, your mouth had the adventure of a lifetime. However, what’s coming next in the world of food? You may be surprised to learn about these popular food trends we anticipate in the coming months.

Locally Source Food

While this is less of a specific food and more of a movement, restaurant goers are wanting foods that are grown close to their area rather than having foods shipped from across the glove. Local sourcing is actually anticipated to be one of the biggest influences on restaurants in the coming year. Some chains have even started looking for local ingredients and offering local dishes in their restaurants. In the coming months, expect to see more of this being offered in both chain and local restaurants.

Increased Vegetarian Options

Although most people eat meat, the vegan and vegetarian movement is affecting the way people make food choices. A new study found that most restaurants offer at least one vegetarian entree. That’s done so that groups of people with one vegetarian won’t veto their choice. Another study found that about one half of Americans eat at least one non-meat meal per week. The trend of choosing meatless meals continues to grow so expect to see meatless options on menus in the coming months.

Gourmet Pizza

The era of cheap pizza with low-quality ingredients seems to be at an end with the rise of artisan pizza chains. Most of these chains are expanding rapidly and have a fast-growing model that will help more neighborhoods have their own upscale pizza joint in the coming months. Expect pizza to be elevated from a convenience food to a culinary experience. Instead of being basic, you’ll start to see high-quality crusts with a variety of sauces and toppings, made from only the best ingredients available.

Upscale Comfort Food

Traditional comfort foods are taking a new look with chefs updating them and making them specialty items. With a mac-and-cheese dish, you may expect to see Italian style additions such as salami, garlic, onions, and sun-dried tomatoes. Highbrow versions of comfort foods are popping up on menus across the world and this trend goes anywhere from appetizers to desserts. Although you may still prefer your traditional comfort foods, expect to see them updated at your local restaurant.


Ramen used to be a college student’s dream, but no longer. This cheap staple is taking restaurants by storm with the addition of different types of specialty noodles and a huge variety of sauces and additions. Although you’ll still be able to find the traditional type at your local grocery store, don’t be surprised when you find ramen on the menu. With high-quality ingredients and additions, you won’t recognize this well-known food group.

In the coming months, these are some of the hottest food trends to anticipate. Although some may be more popular than others, they’re going to change the foods that you see offered at local restaurants and stores. So, be prepared when these foods start to show up in your area.

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